Thursday, 9 April 2009

Poorly PandaCat

I have been a very ill cat recently. But I think I am much better now although I have to go to the vet place every day for days and weeks and years- Ok, until next Friday - to have the thing stuck in my bottom hole to make sure I am not too hot. I then have a thing stuck in my mouth and a tablet shot into my throat. I don't like this.
But I am feeling much better. My appearance is not quite what it used to be as I have no furs on my legs and all my furs on my chest have gone too. I won't tell Staff that it is a bit chilly because she might make me wear a jumper or coat. Oh well, the benefit of being less furry than usual is that there is less of me to clean.

I think I have had tonsilitis but they are not really sure. I had a very very high temperature and they had to put me in a cage in isolation. When Staff and Blind Staff came to visit me they had to wear plastic things on their feet and body and hands. When they came I got chicken which was nice. I had been watching it cook in the microwave but the vet thought I was still off my food because I was shouting. She didnt know that I always shout.

I have shouted so much over the last few days that my voice has gone a bit squeaky. I would rest it but I haven't shouted at Staff or Molly or Denny much recently and can't resist.

Molly is a well girl. She did have anorexia a couple of months ago but she likes eating now. Denny has not been so lucky cos he breaked his leg when I was in the hospital. He is still limping a bit but does it more when Staff is watching. He was at the hospital at the same time as me and visited me but I was not bovvered!

So it has not been a very nice week for me or my brother or sister. Or Staff who says she needs a week off work to recover. Hopefully we will all be properly better next week.

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Lemonpillows said...

Oh wow! A bit of a poorly house then! Get well soon dude. And thank goodness for insurance!