Wednesday, 28 January 2009

It's been a long time

but I am glad to report that I am now better and back in the land of blogging.
It was a stressful few weeks before Christmas. I chewed something and it hurt my mouth. It made a hole in my mouth and I was in so much pain that I couldn't eat and it bled onto my fur (only the white bits though).
I went to the animal hospital 11 times and it cost my insurance company £1600 and a lot of that was for 'Rubber gloves (blue)'. I wonder how much the pink ones would cost. My best friend Paddy would insist on pink gloves.
I had two operations. This was not nice because I had to be 'nil by mouth' before both of these. So I missed TWO meals. I am making up for it now though by eating as much as I possibly can in case I ever have to do 'nil by mouth' things again.
The operations didn't work so the injury had to heal all on its own. It has now done this so I am pleased.
When I finished at the vet Molly decided it was time to go there too. She got a third eyelid in both her eyes and looked funny! They couldnt find anything wrong with her but it meant that we couldnt go to the cattery on 22nd December and had to wait until the next day. This was nice because it was Staff's birthday on 23rd December so we got to say hello to her on her birthday. I was a good boy in the car to and from the cattery and did not do any sicking - although I tried to but my stomach was empty - ANOTHER missed meal but I made up for that one very quickly.
I am sitting now on the kitchen table helping staff do some work by sitting on her papers. I find that that is very helpful. She is going away tomorrow with work. I dont really like it when she does that although Paddy's Mum and Bernie and Alan's Mum comes to feed us because it means I am in charge and I am only young. Staff prefers this work to the one at the smelly old place that she had to go to though so that is good. She does talk funny now she works in the middle of a borough.
I would now like to wish my best friend Paddy a happy birthday because he is nearly 5 tomorrow and will be nearly six next January.

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Drew said...

This is the best blog I have ever seen. Panda cats are my favourite kind of feline :)