Thursday, 6 November 2008

I have been injured

Like my friend Biggles' Dad, I sustained an injury this week.
I am not quite sure how it happened - I have either been stabbed by a chicken bone, have eaten glass or a stick or have been attacked by a certain limping siamese tabby. Whatever it was that injured me, I have had a punctured mouth and had to have an operation on Tuesday.
I don't remember the operation because they made me go to sleep. When I woke up my eyes kept on rolling and I felt very relaxed and happy. Staff said I was stoned but I don't know what she means. My mouth is a bit sore from the operation and the stitches but I have ensured that it does not stop me from eating. I just have to suck rather than chew.
I was a bit cross because we are not allowed outside at the moment in case I eat wood- I mean do they think I am stupid? (hang on, don't answer that). Staff has put litter trays in the house- I keep on expecting more kittens to come out of them, and I did a big poo in one of them last night. It was fun because it was in the kitchen and Staff was cooking her dinner! The cat flap is now open again but we have all decided that we like our inside toilets!
I am back at the vets tomorrow so will update you as to my wellbeing!

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