Sunday, 14 June 2009

a long time away. And a Naughty.

Yes I know it has been a long time and I have so much to blog about but being a cat of limited attention span, I will leave much of that for another day.
I will tell you all about my health issues in another post. The 28 trips to the vet, the way they shaved my tummy and put a fan in my cage. The tablets that they made me eat, the diet food and NO TREATS and the coronavirus that has turned my staff into a stressed mess because she loves me. There is also the matters of Molly's fatness and Denny's leg and paw. So much to tell. I have made a new friend who comes to my house and feeds us when Staff is not in.
I feel perfectly fine and am fed up of being weighed, poked, prodded and examined (although I don't mind being examined that much because I am beautiful) so decided today that enough was enough and I would show Staff that I am well and a happy cat (although would be happier if I was allowed treats).
So I decided to act like a cat. Those of you that know me know that, in reality, I am not completely a cat. I am PandaCat. This is because I came to Staff when I was very very little and because she is not a cat I didn't learn how to be one. Staff is not a Panda either but I am part one of those due to my colouring. Anyway I digress. I have never seen the attraction in catching and killing things like mices and birdybirdys - I don't understand why Molly and Denny make the effort when food is put into our bowls on a regular basis - and even more regularly when I shout. But this morning (at 4.15am according to my Staff) I could not resist. Molly had caught a bird and she was playing with it in the living room. Den raced downstairs from his perch on Staff's head when he heard it and left deep scratches on her face. I had been out examining my surroundings and sauntered in and decided to KILL! So I caught it and took it to mad next door man's garden. I quite like mad next door man because he calls me "Cat" and likes to play racing with me. We both race to his open door and the game is that I have to get in his house and make pawprints before he can shut the door. I killed the bird in his garden and rolled on my back and threw it in the air. I was going to leave it there to bring in later to play with in the house as a present for Staff but greedy Staff decided she wanted it NOW. So she put her protective gear on and scrambled over the gate a few times and came back in the garden with my bird. It was not easy for her because mad next door man has lots of locks on his gate to stop burglary people getting in. He also has sensors in his garden. I like to play with the sensors. these make a noise happen in the house and that is fun in the night. hee hee.
I got in the bag and tried to get the bird out to play but at that point the chicken came out of the fridge and, because I can only think about one thing at a time, I forgot about the bird.
I have had to sleep ALL day to recover but I have decided that I don't have to be a PandaCat all the time-sometimes I am allowed to be a cat.
As I said, I will blog about my other news and my paranoid hyperchondriac staff at a later date.
The only other thing I want to tell you all now is a sad story. You might see from one of my more recent blog entries that my friend from London Biggles died. Well that is very sad. He was a lovely friend to me even though I didn't meet him as he taught me many things on his blog and was very wise. What makes it very very sad for his Dad is that a couple of weeks ago his sister Runty Tosca also died. She was not very well so had to go to sleep forever. And then a few days later another cat who had adopted their house got run over by a car and died as well. This only leaves one cat Gwennie left. I have not talked to Gwennie as Biggles didn't like her but I hope that she is ok.
Staff has told me about a place called the Rainbow Bridge where cats are supposed to go when they are not here anymore. She learned about it from some people she talks to on the internet who she says are wonderful and supported her when I was an ill PandaCat. I didn't realise that people also used the internet-thought it was just for PandaCats like me, gay cats like my Paddy and topcats (of the South) like Biggles was. She says that they will all be happy at the Bridge and will be playing hard there. I hope that is true. While the Rainbow Bridge sounds like a nice peaceful place I don't want to go there for a long time yet though thank you very much!
Anyway, it is nice to be back.
Love Oscy x

Thursday, 9 April 2009

Poorly PandaCat

I have been a very ill cat recently. But I think I am much better now although I have to go to the vet place every day for days and weeks and years- Ok, until next Friday - to have the thing stuck in my bottom hole to make sure I am not too hot. I then have a thing stuck in my mouth and a tablet shot into my throat. I don't like this.
But I am feeling much better. My appearance is not quite what it used to be as I have no furs on my legs and all my furs on my chest have gone too. I won't tell Staff that it is a bit chilly because she might make me wear a jumper or coat. Oh well, the benefit of being less furry than usual is that there is less of me to clean.

I think I have had tonsilitis but they are not really sure. I had a very very high temperature and they had to put me in a cage in isolation. When Staff and Blind Staff came to visit me they had to wear plastic things on their feet and body and hands. When they came I got chicken which was nice. I had been watching it cook in the microwave but the vet thought I was still off my food because I was shouting. She didnt know that I always shout.

I have shouted so much over the last few days that my voice has gone a bit squeaky. I would rest it but I haven't shouted at Staff or Molly or Denny much recently and can't resist.

Molly is a well girl. She did have anorexia a couple of months ago but she likes eating now. Denny has not been so lucky cos he breaked his leg when I was in the hospital. He is still limping a bit but does it more when Staff is watching. He was at the hospital at the same time as me and visited me but I was not bovvered!

So it has not been a very nice week for me or my brother or sister. Or Staff who says she needs a week off work to recover. Hopefully we will all be properly better next week.

Tuesday, 10 March 2009

A very sad day

I am very sad today. My friend Biggles from London had an operation yesterday and Staff told me that he died today. Staff cried and we are all very quiet and sad here too tonight.

Rest in peace Biggles. Although I argued this with you on occasions, you really were a Top Cat. I learnt so much from you.

Thank you for being my friend.

Oscar x

Wednesday, 28 January 2009

It's been a long time

but I am glad to report that I am now better and back in the land of blogging.
It was a stressful few weeks before Christmas. I chewed something and it hurt my mouth. It made a hole in my mouth and I was in so much pain that I couldn't eat and it bled onto my fur (only the white bits though).
I went to the animal hospital 11 times and it cost my insurance company £1600 and a lot of that was for 'Rubber gloves (blue)'. I wonder how much the pink ones would cost. My best friend Paddy would insist on pink gloves.
I had two operations. This was not nice because I had to be 'nil by mouth' before both of these. So I missed TWO meals. I am making up for it now though by eating as much as I possibly can in case I ever have to do 'nil by mouth' things again.
The operations didn't work so the injury had to heal all on its own. It has now done this so I am pleased.
When I finished at the vet Molly decided it was time to go there too. She got a third eyelid in both her eyes and looked funny! They couldnt find anything wrong with her but it meant that we couldnt go to the cattery on 22nd December and had to wait until the next day. This was nice because it was Staff's birthday on 23rd December so we got to say hello to her on her birthday. I was a good boy in the car to and from the cattery and did not do any sicking - although I tried to but my stomach was empty - ANOTHER missed meal but I made up for that one very quickly.
I am sitting now on the kitchen table helping staff do some work by sitting on her papers. I find that that is very helpful. She is going away tomorrow with work. I dont really like it when she does that although Paddy's Mum and Bernie and Alan's Mum comes to feed us because it means I am in charge and I am only young. Staff prefers this work to the one at the smelly old place that she had to go to though so that is good. She does talk funny now she works in the middle of a borough.
I would now like to wish my best friend Paddy a happy birthday because he is nearly 5 tomorrow and will be nearly six next January.

Saturday, 8 November 2008

Update on the Pandacat

Hello. Poor Oscy is not so good. He is currently in a cage at the vet eating a liquid diet in an attempt to keep the stitches in the right place.
He may be there for some time as the only home coming option is to isolate him from everyone and everything and for him to live in a cage in the bathroom for 10 days :(
Thank fuck for insurance is all I can say.
I miss him. Get well soon Oscy.
Staff x

Thursday, 6 November 2008

I have been injured

Like my friend Biggles' Dad, I sustained an injury this week.
I am not quite sure how it happened - I have either been stabbed by a chicken bone, have eaten glass or a stick or have been attacked by a certain limping siamese tabby. Whatever it was that injured me, I have had a punctured mouth and had to have an operation on Tuesday.
I don't remember the operation because they made me go to sleep. When I woke up my eyes kept on rolling and I felt very relaxed and happy. Staff said I was stoned but I don't know what she means. My mouth is a bit sore from the operation and the stitches but I have ensured that it does not stop me from eating. I just have to suck rather than chew.
I was a bit cross because we are not allowed outside at the moment in case I eat wood- I mean do they think I am stupid? (hang on, don't answer that). Staff has put litter trays in the house- I keep on expecting more kittens to come out of them, and I did a big poo in one of them last night. It was fun because it was in the kitchen and Staff was cooking her dinner! The cat flap is now open again but we have all decided that we like our inside toilets!
I am back at the vets tomorrow so will update you as to my wellbeing!

Monday, 21 July 2008

mad woman

staff has broken her arm again. this time it is not the right one so it must be the other one- the wrong one?
i despair. she is worse than Dennace